Trifork Security

Trifork Security

Cyber crime has become a professional business.

Your cyber security needs to follow suit.


More than just a security team

You may think of us as your own private Secret Service:

  • A necessary precaution you will grow to love.

  • With our Security Operations Center, experts are ready at all hours and they know and understand your infrastructure as well as your applications.

  • For your protection.

Trifork Security office environment
Trifork Security office environment
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We were in need of qualified and professional assistance in order to draw up the security strategy. The assistance from Trifork.Security allowed us to execute faster and more efficient.

Trifork.Security are very open about their progress. We are on the same wavelength, and it was quickly evident that they had the experience we were looking for.

Gitte Melph

Information Security Manager, Aalborg University

A security team you can trust

Trifork Security office environment

It’s no picnic to come up with a lasting cyber security strategy. There are plenty of wrong ways to go.

At Trifork.Security we don’t want to sell you anything that you don’t need. And in fact, cyber security does not have to cost a fortune.

As a customer in Trifork.Security, you will have access to all of the data our experts are monitoring.

One of our clients once said: “You must be very skilled, if you dare to show your cards.” We are more than happy to do that. In fact we simply look at it as a compliment, if you wish to look over our shoulder.

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