If you are under cyberattack or have an urgent need for assistance due to a suspected attack, contact our SOC/CSIRT:

+45 7777 0911 soc@trifork.security

Let us safeguard your digital world

Cyber crime has become a professional business, which is why your cyber security needs to follow suit.

At Trifork Security we provide professional protection - we combine security and analytics to safeguard your business.

Let us show you how.


Experts in analytics and security

Trifork Security

Trifork Security is a business unit with a keen focus on analytics and cyber security. We provide managed services and consultancy services within operations, data analytics and IT security. 

We operate and secure some of the most critical infrastructure for leading private companies and public institutions - in Denmark and abroad - day in and day out, all year round.

We strive to make cyber security easy for our customers. We are what is commonly referred to as a Managed Security Services Provider, which is merely a fancy way of saying that we secure your data and systems by delivering dedicated security and analytics solutions.


Tailormade solutions

More that just a security team

Crafting a robust security strategy demands careful consideration as the landscape is filled with potential pitfalls.

We excel in our field and operate with complete transparency. Our aim is not to push unnecessary products, but rather to build relationships based on openness and mutual respect.

Our feet are solidly placed on the ground. We are practical and realistic and we adhere to our cores values of honesty and transparency, an approach that resonates with our customers.

If you are curious to learn more, we are here and ready to connect. We are looking forward to hearing from you.