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Privacy Policy

Data responsibility

We take your data protection seriously.


We process personal data and for that reason we have adopted this privacy protection policy to clarify how we process your data. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Personal Data processed by Trifork Security as a processor or to Trifork Security as an employer. 

In order to protect your data the best possible way, we continuously evaluate whether our data processing affects your fundamental rights negatively. Emphasis is put on the risk of discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, reputational damage or loss of data secrecy.

Contact information

Trifork Security is a data controller, and we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with legislation.

Contact personTrifork Security
AddressAlfred Nobels Vej 25, 9220 Aalborg Ø
Phone+45 7777 0877

We guarantee fair and transparent data processing

When we ask for your personal data we will inform you, what data we are processing and for what purpose. You will receive information regarding this when we begin collecting your personal data.

We do not obtain information from other parties.

Legal basis for processing your personal data

We obtain your consent prior to processing your personal data

We obtain your consent before collecting and processing your personal data for the purposes stated under Processing of personal data unless we already have a legal basis for collecting and processing them. We will inform you regarding such legal basis and our legitimate interest in processing your personal data.

Your consent is optional, and you may withdraw your consent at any time. This is done by addressing us. If you wish to receive more information, please use the contact information listed under “Contact Information”.

If we wish to use your personal data for a different purpose than initially stated, we will inform you about this and ask for your consent before processing your personal data. If we have a legal basis for this processing also, we will inform you.

Legal basis for processing data without consent:

Should the following parameters be met, we retain the right to process your data without your consent:

  • A contract with you
  • The legal obligations of Trifork Security
  • The vital interests of you or of another physical person
  • A task in the public interest or exercise of public authority
  • A legitimate interest not exceeded by the interests or rights of you

Processing of personal data

We use the following types of personal data

The type of data we use is:

  • Contact information

We do not correlate data and we do not collect cookies.

We collect and store your personal data for specific purposes

We collect and store your personal data for specific purposes or other legitimate business purposes. We use personal data to be able to contact customers.

Data is stored when:

  • Complying with your request for products or services
  • Improving our products and services
  • Adapting our communication and promotion
  • Administrating customer relations

We only process relevant personal data

We only process personal data which is relevant and useful for the purposes listed above. The purpose is decisive for the relevance of the data. The same applies to the amount of personal data we use. For instance, we do not use more data than we need for the specific purpose.

We only process the personal data needed

We only collect, process and store personal data necessary to fulfil our identified purpose. In addition, it may be prescribed by law which type of data is needed in connection with our business. The type and amount of personal data processed by us may also be required in order to comply with a contract or other legal obligations.

We want to make sure that we only process personal data necessary for our identified purposes. For this reason, it is embedded in our IT systems that the amount of personal data collected is consistent with the amount needed. The level of processing and the duration of storage are also regulated automatically.

To ensure that unauthorised subjects do not gain access to your personal data we employ solutions, which automatically ensure that the data is only accessible for the appropriate employees. Protection against unlimited access is also embedded.

We monitor and update your personal data

We verify that the personal data we process is not false or misleading. We also make sure to update your personal data on a regular basis.

Since our service depends on your data to be correct and up to date, we kindly ask you to inform us about any changes to your personal data. Please use the contact information above to inform us about these changes.

To ensure the quality of your personal data we have adopted internal regulations and established procedures for monitoring and updating your personal data.

We delete your personal data when no longer needed

We delete your personal data when it is no longer needed for the specific purpose it initially was collected, processed and stored for.

We do not disclose personal data without consent

In case we disclose any personal data to business partners or any other party, for the purpose of marketing for example, we will ask for your consent beforehand and inform you about what your personal data is used for. You may at all times object to the disclosure of your information and decline any marketing related inquiries via the Danish Civil Registration System.

We do not ask for your consent if we are legally obligated to disclose your personal data, for instance, when reporting to the authorities.

Disclosure of personal information, such as name or e-mail, solely occurs if you give consent to. We only use data processors in the EU or countries that offer sufficient protection. The data processor is:

  • HubSpot

We do not disclose personal data to third-country parties.


We protect your personal data and we have internal regulations for data security.

We have adopted internal regulations for data security, which include instructions and measures to protect your personal data from being destroyed, lost or changed and from unauthorised access or publication.

In case of a security violation, which may result in high risk of discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, reputational damage or other significant inconvenience, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Your rights

You have the right to access your personal data

You have the right to be informed about what personal data is obtained by us, where it comes from and how we process it. You may also be informed for how long we store your personal data and who receives data about you to the extent that we disclose information in Denmark and foreign countries.

If you request this, we will  inform you what personal data we are processing and pass it on to you. Though, the access may be restricted out of regard to other people’s privacy protection, business secrets and immaterial rights.

Please contact us if you wish to access your data. Please find our contact information listed under “Contact Information”.

You are entitled to have personal data deleted

We are obligated to delete your personal data, for instance, if you withdraw your consent. If you believe that your personal data is no longer required for the purpose, we initially collected them for, you may insist on having them deleted. If you find that your personal data is not processed according to legislation or other legal obligations, please contact us.

You are entitled to have inaccurate personal data corrected or deleted

If you believe that your personal data is inaccurate you may have them corrected. In case of any inaccuracies, please contact us and let us know where the specific inaccuracy is to be found and how to properly correct it.

If you request for your personal data to be corrected or deleted, we will examine whether the requirements are met or not. If yes, we will make the changes or delete the personal data as soon as possible and no later than one month after having received your inquiry. You will receive your personal data in a standard format. 

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. You may also object to disclosure of your personal data for the purpose of advertising. If needed, please use the contact information listed at the top. If your objection is legitimate, we will make sure to end the processing of your personal data.

You are entitled to receive and have your data transferred

You have the right to receive the personal data you have provided for us and the data we have collected at third parties based on your consent. You may also receive your personal data, if we are processing it in connection with a contract that includes you as a party. You also have the right to transfer your personal data to an alternative service provider.

You are entitled to have the use of your data limited

You have the right to limit the use of your personal data. To exercise this right, you must meet at least one of the requirements, which can be found under Datatilsynet documentation of rights, page 37. The limited treatment of your personal data will ensure that any future use of your personal data will be limited to the extent of storage unless you give explicit approval of otherwise.

We will however be allowed to use your limited personal data if it is necessary to comply with regulatory law, e.g. the rules of the Public Access to Information Act.

You are entitled to object a legal treatment of your personal data

You have the right to object to an otherwise legal treatment of your personal data should you have thorough argumentation against such. Your right is however only applicable when:

  • The treatment of your data is a necessity to the completion of a task that’s in accordance with society’s interest or falling within the exercise of official authority vested in us as the data controller.
  • The processing is necessary for Trifork Security or a third party to pursue a legitimate interest, unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of you, requiring the protection of personal data, override such interest.

We retain the right to evaluate your reasoning and either reject or accept your objection. Should we reject your objection, we will provide you with thorough reasoning as to why. 

You are entitled to lodge a complaint with  a supervisory authority

Should you as a data subject be unsatisfied with the way your data is being processed or e.g. the following:

  • You are not given the specific information, which you are lawfully entitled to, in regards to insight of data
  • There has been unjustly, published information about you on the internet
  • There has been unjustly, forwarded information regarding you

Should you wish to lodge a complaint, Datatilsynet is the supervisory authority that you may reach out to for this process in regards to Trifork Security as your data processor. 

Last modified: February 19, 2024