If you are under cyberattack or have an urgent need for assistance due to a suspected attack, contact our SOC/CSIRT:

+45 7777 0911 soc@trifork.security

More than just a security team

You may think of us as your private Secret Service:
A necessary precaution you will grow to love.


Trifork Security - in short

We know that cyber security is not a very hot topic. Security is about all those things that can go wrong and topics you want to avoid.

At Trifork Security we take pride in making cyber security easy. We like to call ourselves a Managed Security Services Provider - which is really just a fancy way of saying that we will take care of all the problems for you.

However, achieving success with cyber security always comes down to collaboration.

To us an ideal client relation is made up of an honest, equal partnership and mutual respect. Almost like a happy marriage.

We value professionalism and we strive to be on the same wavelength as our customers.

The language of our world is about fraud variations, incidents, DDoS attacks and other technical terms.

Yet, you probably prefer simply to know that your business is secure.

Losing your own recognition should be the least of your worries

Fixing and cleaning up a complete IT environment following a cyber attack, may easily cost more than 1 million Danish kroner for a Danish middle-sized company.

If you are a large corporation, the bill will probably be way more expensive.

And we haven’t even mentioned the potential harm a cyber attack can cause to your corporate reputation.

Considering this, an investment in preventive measures may be a rather sensible business case.

Tell me more

Cyber security is more about your business...

...and less about technology.

We love working with your IT-department. They are the ones that know your IT infrastructure best with all its ins and outs.

But we consistently argue that cyber security also belongs at the top management’s agenda. And not just under A.o.B.

At the end of the day, cyber security is a strategic choice rather than simply a choice of product.


Security Operations Center - ready at all hours


With our Security Operations Center, experts are ready at all hours and they know and understand both your infrastructure and applications. That is why they can protect you and stop attacks before the damage becomes extensive.

We truly wish we could just promise you that your company will never suffer from an attack. Sadly nobody can. Yet, we guarantee you that on our watch you will always have competent support at hand.

For most people that can be rather addictive.