If you are under cyberattack or have an urgent need for assistance due to a suspected attack, contact our SOC/CSIRT:

+45 7777 0911 soc@trifork.security

It is a delicate subject

At Trifork Security, we operate in an environment where security has the highest priority and confidentiality is a matter of course. This applies to our procedures, our projects and, in particular, to the identity of our customers. This is why this section contains neither details nor names.

That being said...

- there are things we do want to talk about. Like, the fact that we strive to deliver the best security and analytics solutions to our customers, and that our main priority is to provide the best service we possibly can. We target the 1,000 largest companies and organizations in Denmark.

We do not play favourites - we work with all verticals and with a broad array of businesses. Our customers include public institutions as well as private companies. You will encounter a number of them within areas such as insurance, education, production, service, trade, energy and telecommunications.


If you are in trouble

- we are ready. We have worked on a number of CSIRT cases for both small and large companies and organisations. We have helped with cases involving less than 100 servers and have worked with large organizations, with several thousand employees, where the majority of servers had been compromised. We have also been involved in cases where the customer's cloud infrastructure was affected.

All cases have required us to contain and respond to the threat, which we have succeeded in doing - every time. Thanks to our connection with Netic A/S, we have also been able to help our customers rebuild their infrastructure. With Netic's more than 100 employees and comprehensive knowledge and expertise in constructing and operating infrastructure, our in-house capabilities are wide-ranging.



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